NoneNon Volume License Program


The NoneNon Volume License Program (VPP) maximizes your NoneNon software investment by reducing the total cost of ownership and providing streamlined asset management to your organization. Designed for small groups, sites, or organizations that hold multiple licenses of application software VPP is the smart choice for your expanding organization. Read this tutorial to help you determine if it is right for you.

We recognize the need to minimize the total cost of ownership of software. Product reliability and ease of use remove the high cost associated with downtime and minimize product training and administration time. Our product licenses, upgrade and support packages are affordable and provide value that will exceed expectations.

Program Benefits

The NoneNon Volume License Program (VPP) reduces the total cost of ownership while providing streamlined asset management to the organization.

VPP customers receive following benefits:
  • Professional technical support
  • Free software updates
  • Convenient online training
  • Easy access to historical software
  • Access to NoneNon Technology Previews
  • Easier management of software
  • Money saving discounts
  • Free NoneNon Volume License Manager tool
  • Expanded online training (more courses available).,up

This approach enables us to provide support options at much lower cost to users than most competitors. Users are often surprised to find they are talking directly with engineers on the product development team and their suggestions quickly reflected as enhancements in new releases.

Volume License Rate

Licenses Dedicated Server Cloud/Virtual Server
v5 N/A $2.20/month
v100 $0.35/month $0.33/month
v200 $0.33/month $0.31/month
v500 $0.31/month $0.29/month
v700 $0.29/month $0.27/month
v1000 $0.27/month $0.25/month
v2000 $0.25/month $0.23/month
v3000 $0.23/month $0.21/month
v4000 $0.21/month $0.19/month
v5000 $0.19/month $0.17/month

How does it works

For example, v100 license dedicated server plan allow to host up to 100 main accounts . Monthly bill will be $35.

Participation Requirement

There are only a few things we ask of your organization to deliver on the host of benefits from the program:

  • Purchase five or more licenses of the same type of NoneNon development software
  • Designate an individual to act as an NoneNon Volume License Agreement (NoneNon VLA) administrator

Apply for NoneNon Partner Program

For any questions please contact NoneNon Sales.