Resource Control Center(RCC)

Reliable, stable and secure system

Resource Control Center (RCC) offer stability, security, and per-account resource management. Protect critical system processes for both memory and CPU. You can use RCC to constraint the the amount of resources a process or a batch of them is allowed to consume. No more out of memory or overloaded CPUs once you put that resource hungry process under RCC. Enough resources available for other system users. Resource Control Center (RCC) is included within NoneNon Control Panel (NON) and available for FREE for all NONENON Control Panel(NON) administrators.

System Under Control

MemCPU Control Manager (MCM)

MemCPU Control Manager (MCM) allow administrator to control Memory & CPU usage and set the limits for each account. An account will be constraint to the amount of resources being set.

Virtual Isolation File System (VIFS)

Virtual Isolation File System (VIFS) is a virtualized file system and a set of tools to contain each user in its own virtualized file environment. Each customer will have its own fully functional virtualized file environment, with all the system files, tools, etc. User will not be able to see sensitive server configuration files and will not be able to see other users' processes.

Control Process Manager (CPM)

Control Process Manager (CPM) will allow administrator to limit the number of processes can run under system user. This is a useful way of preventing unwanted or runaway system binary from using up all system resources.

IO Controller(IC)

IO Controller(IC) controls and monitors access to I/O on block devices. Restricts total number of read/write operations per second on the system hard drive for each account.